Friday, July 19, 2013

Sangokushi v34 (last updated June 18)

Sangokushi foreshadowing is similar to that of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. That is to say, it's as blunt as a hammer. But don't be too bummed out, it's how the events play out that matters and makes reading this tale worthwhile, not the outcome.

I don't know, Wei Yan... You're talking to a geezer that could even take on Guan Yu.

A lot of people seem to rate Liu Bei too lowly because it always seems like Pang Tong or Zhuge Liang is doing all the work. But as the incident in this chapter shows, he's still quite capable himself.

In ancient China, wisdom is often inversely proportional to politeness and consideration.

This horse that Liu Bei gives to Pang Tong is Dilu (hex-marked horse). If you'll recall, it's the supposedly "unlucky" horse that saved Liu Bei's life all the way back when Cai Mao tried to assassinate Liu Bei back in volume... 20. Back then, Yokoyama drew it as a brown-horse, but it's supposed to be white, I think.

These two should just fuck already.

Hey, look. It's Huang Zhong v2.0

If it weren't for Zhang Fei's temper, he'd easily be Liu Bei's best general.


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