Monday, July 22, 2013

A Galactic Hero

Here is Yang Wen-li, from Legend of the Galactic Heroes.LotGH is a pretty classic anime, one that I haven't actually seen :oSo I watched a few clips (thank you, youtube!) and looked into google images for some references.A picture of him from the anime is on the left.

He's an easygoing, idealistic guy whose successful military career hinged on his popularity and quick strategies.Since I haven't seen the full series, I just hope my portrait has done him some measure of justice.Perhaps one day I'll get my hands on the series just to make sure :)

What I'm most proud of on this one: boy lips.He's smiling, they're realistic, and they don't look like girly lips.I mean, I like the whole thing, but c'mon.Those lips are majestic.
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