Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dragon Ball Z, episodes 1-5

I guess the decision to watch Dragon Ball Z before I watched the first season (Dragon Ball) is quite weird. But I wanted to see whether or not it is possible to enjoy the series as a separate show. People say it is possible. Some say it is not. Well, here is my answer.

Even if you have never seen Dragon Ball or any other incarnation of the series, you probably know who he is. Goku.

It is definitely possible to enjoy DBZ without watching DB first. Yet there is a catch to it. From what I understand there is a time gap between the end of DB and the start of DBZ. And I expect people who watched DB were quite excited to see grown up Goku having family and a kid. As for me, the first episode seemed a little dull. Nothing outstanding, just a not very smart kid getting into trouble and his father saving him. But I guess it is a small enough prize to pay for skipping DB. Cause right after that the story started to escalate. An enemy, way more powerful than the one they were fighting in the original series appeared and was miraculously defeated during what, five episodes? For shonen shows standards five episodes is a warm-up, not even the start of the real thing. Well, in that sense DBZ is pretty good. They don't hesitate to create overpowered enemies and to overpower the good guys. Sure, that must mean that the story will become quite ridiculous if they keep it up, but that does not concern me, cause I am not going to watch the whole thing in the near future. More over, I expect DBZ to be over the top, to have overpowered characters.

The antagonist for the first five episodes - Raditz

I don't think I need to put here a plot summary, right? Well, Goku is a super hero, he will save the Earth, is that a good enough summary?

What about usual things, the music, the animation? Yeah, probably there was some music in this show, I guess. Don't remember it though. AnimationIt is kinda hard to remember too. The show consists of still or semi-still frames and even those frames can't be used as an example of rich and complicated art. But that is not what the show is about.

Dead Goku. You wonder what is that all over the sudden, well, come and see.

What is it about? Same as most of the shonen shows. Fighting, super powers and so on. Something you can really enjoy if you are a shonen-age boy, I guess. But even being an adult you can watch it and have some fun. It depends on your tastes of course. You you need a deep plot or well played character interaction, drama or touching romance, well, you are out of luck with DBZ. But if you want to see your protagonist getting stronger every week, here you go.

I think to really understand the feel of DBZ I better watch the whole first arc. I would like to see Goku fighting Vegeta. Well, maybe some time in the future. But for now, I should say, the show is pretty good, and if you are a big fan of shonen shows and can deal with outdated animation, then give a try to Dragon Ball Z. See you next time, after I watch a few episodes of Sailor Moon(^^)/

Here is my "Take a peek" list:

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* DRAGON BALL Z (done - 1)


Katekyo Hitman Reborn!








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