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In Short: Autumn is GO!


DIABOLIK LOVERS (DAILOVER): Another otome game adaption. I've always felt like these were a terrible idea to adapt unless the studio picked a single route. But instead, they try to cram every route possible into a short series. It ends up being a muddled mess once they try to connect each one... DiaLover episodes clock in at 15 minutes each, the first of which I found

COPPELION: Fucking GoHands going with the again. It really shouldn't bother me this much, but it does. Coppelion's first episode didn't reveal much, which I liked. There is still a nice amount of mystery surrounding the world and how it got into the state it's in.

To bad King Records keeps taking it down.


KYOUKAI NO KANATA: This show was quite hyped in the run up to this season, and to be honest I was quite disappointed with the first episode. I just can't bring myself to like Kuriyama or Kanbara after 1 episode and I don't expect them to grow on me either. Also, I can't be the only one who's starting to get tired of KyoAni's default style? I know there are slight variations between shows, but there is a serious sameface issue going on here.

SUPER SEISYUN BROTHERS: I don't exactly have much to say about this show after 2 short episodes. It's just a series of SoL shorts about 2 sets of siblings.

INFINITE STRATOS 2: More of the same? Yes. Ichika is still a dense motherfucker and Is this a bad thing? No. Everything seems to be in order here, even the sub-par CG.

KILL LA KILL: This surpassed my expectations completely. Trigger has given me exactly what I wanted and much more. Mark my words, the characters will be throwing planets at each other by episode 10. We're in for a wild ride. BUCKLE UP!

This is how you kill la kill.

KYOUSOGIGA: Talk about throwing planets around... This first episode; 00 is a recap of the 2012 OVA. I found it quite hard to follow back then, but this time around I have a slightly better understanding on what is actually going on. Hopefully at some point within the series they'll delve deeper into the actual reasons why the siblings are in this pseudo Kyoto.

NAGI NO ASUKARA: I wasn't expecting much from this show, but it blew me out of the water (huehue). While trying to wrap my head around how this underwater life works, there's a little love triangle in the making. Oh, and a

We don't need to understand how this works, just look at the pretty scenery!

YU-SIBU:To be honest I wasn't surprised that after Maosama, another one of these types of LNs would get an adaptation. It was surprisingly popular after all. Yu-sibu first episode was much more fast paced and lewd than Maosama, which I found quite dull for a so-called comedy.

STRIKE THE BLOOD: This could well be the first show I drop this season, nothing about the first episode made me want to continue, but I'll give it the 3 episode rule. I can't say that I liked or disliked it, I just felt so apathetic towards this episode. It has zero originality (What show does these days?) and uninteresting characters.

OUTBREAK COMPANY: This actually got quite a few legitimate laughs out of me. The fish out of water Otaku story is not a very refreshing concept, but after the usual formalities were dealt with, this show just sorta did it's own thing. It was a very satisfying first episode.

FREEZING VIBRATION:And it doesn't seem like the quality of the show has improved either. Freezing looks, feels and watches like a 90s ecchi show; I was half expecting the sub group to plaster yellow subs over it to finish off that nostalgic look.

MFW I found out we're getting AT-X episodes day 1.

LOG HORIZON: This poor show will be constantly compared to SAO but in reality it's nothing like it. The story was written by the author, Mamare Touno and Log Horizon will focus more on the likes of stock management and MMO politics. I wasn't a fan of Maoyuu because of this long winded economy and political speak, which is strange, because I absolutely love Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I think it's a case of disliking Mamare Touno's style of writing. The first episode of Log Horizon was one of the dullest among the shows I'm picking up. Not a promising start at all...

LITTLE BUSTERS!: REFRAIN: All aboard the feel train, next stop SUFFERING. There is a much more sinister atmosphere in the Refrain arc and all spoilers aside; be prepared, this show will consistently hit you with emotional bulldozers.

This sandwich is obviously too lewd for your eyes.

MAGI: THE KINGDOM OF MAGIC: What I really liked about Magi was the little adventure the 3 main characters went on together, which all changed when they split and spent the majority of the 2nd half of season 1 doing their own thing. The opening scene to this new season has outright spoiled the whole thing. I'm baffled as to why they even did this...

SEKAI DE ICHIBAN TSUYOKU NARITAI!: There's anin the making ...

GINGITSUNE: This show has a lot of potential but the forced drama in the first episode has really put me off. It's quite obvious this show will have an episodic nature so I'm hoping that first "story" they did was just a once off.

WALKURE ROMANZE: A harem about jousting with a . This show could have done without the latter but I am willing to put up with it providing this show doesn't sink too deep into SoL.

MEGANEBU!: Yamamoto Soubi is a very interesting lady. In 2011 and 2012 she wrote, directed and animated 2 OVAs; , completely by herself bar the OP and voice acting. The art in Meganebu is much the same as her OVAs, very vivid colours and a very distinct art style. I was quite surprised, it was a lot funnier than expected and the characters were quite likeable. It's a very stupid, but fun show. I'll be sticking around for a few episodes.

Well that escalated quickly...

YOZAKURA QUARTET: HANA NO UTA: Disappointing much? This was a terrible way to start a reboot of this series. As well as the first episode being so utterly boring, the animation was QUALITY ridden and overall awful. It was a given we wouldn't be getting , but this is a huge step down from previous versions.

GUNDAM BUILD FIGHTERS: I really wasn't expecting much from this new Gundam AU. It's pretty much an advertisement for Gunpla kits, but for some Gundam fans there is a lot here in terms of spec discussions and references to other AUs. This also reminded me quite a bit of Digimon Tamers, in the sense that Gundam itself is a franchise in this AU and all of the other AUs exist as TV shows/movies etc. I'm interested to see where Sunrise will be going with this.

AOKI HAGANE NO ARPEGGIO: ARS NOVA: Who in the fuck thought using CG 90% of the time on the characters would be a good idea? This looks absolutely terrible and the only time it looks half decent is when I did mention previously that the PV showcased some of this CG work and it didn't look too bad, but really, in full motion it looks like crap.

Just stay the fuck still and you'll look normal.

UNBREAKABLE MACHINE-DOLL:I give up. is obviously here to stay. Aside from these art choices, this show got off to a good start with some very satisfying action towards the end; I'll be keeping an eye on this one. Also, did I mention

BLAZBLUE ALTER MEMORY: BlazBlue's storyline from the video games is already an incoherent clusterfuck and it will probably be much the same here. But that's not what we're here for, is it? We're here for FIGHTS! But guess what? They look I was expecting a lot from the first episode considering BlazBlue as a franchise is obviously focused around fighting. I think teamKG/Hoods Entertainment has let us down art wise. Though I am quite happy that most of the voice actors from games are reprising their roles here.

TOKYO RAVENS: Even though they jumped into the a this was a very promising start to one of my most anticipated shows of the season, and it has . It's also one of the few shows this season that hasI really hope 8bit can keep up with this standard throughout 2 cours.


NOUKOME:. I did not expect this show to be so hilarious. The "Absolute Multiple-choice" system is just as interesting as expected and I can't wait to see what other ways it will be used. This was the biggest surprise of the season so far, I am craving for the 2nd episode.

SAMURAI FLAMENCO: This was my number 1 most anticipated show of the season and did it live up to the hype? Yes and no. Now that I've seen the first episode I have a fairly good idea of the direction Manglobe will take this. The let downs here were mainly in the art department. It's no secret that Manglobe have a history withbut previous seasons proved that some of the can suffer from . Unfortunately, in the first episode you can see that the budget is alreadyBut aesthetics aside, I'm really loving the characters Goto and Hazama; who are . I can see an interesting dynamic forming between these two (NOT GAY. ). I think Samurai Flamenco will start off slow and we wont see the pay off at least until the end of this cour, but I have a feeling that when we do, it will be huge.

COOL COOL COOL! But we're stuck with for now...

GALILEI DONNA: Awww yis!I was really impressed with the first episode, which took quite a few towards the end. I really didn't think I would like Galilei Donna this much. I love the style, characters and the overall atmosphere, the . This is a perfect little package of a first episode.

KAKUMEIKI VALVRAVE 2: Valvrave can be quite a dumb show at times, but even then it's damn entertaining. This episode was absolutely stunning with some of the best CG I've seen in anime. It seems Sunrise have learned a thing or two with their onand they've certainly carried these lessons over into Valvrave.

Valvrave is the most colourful mech show since Star Driver, I love it!

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